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Trust that we can take care of all of your need for information in getting a loan from banks or money lenders the minute you visit our website directory of loan related listings. These cutting-edge features make it easier to find your preference of bank or money lender in a snap. Immediately after you identify your requirement, you will be linked up instantly to established and reputable money lending companies that will meet your requirements. Each and every minute counts, plus it helps to make good use your time by saving your own self against the extensive online hunt simply to look for the type of personal loan that you want. Along with our useful business directory, you can immediately find the perfect licensed money lender you desire.


Personal Loan

Fast approval personal loans. We offer affordable personal loans for your personal needs

Pay Day Loan

A payday loan is usually a short term loan payable on your next pay day.

Business Loan

Ease Your cash flow. We offer short to long term business loans to help you manage your cash flow better

Foreigner Loan

Help for our foreign friends. We offer personal loans to foreigners with valid passes in Singapore.

Emergency Loan

We can help. We can extend our help in the form of affordable personal loans to you to tide over the difficult period.

Education Loan

Affordable Education Loans

Renovation Loan

Decorate Your Dream House. Let us help you with your short term needs with renovating your house.

Medical Loan

Need a short term or flexible term personal loan for your (or your family’s) medical needs? We can help